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        Founder and Chief engineer
        Zhou Yu

        Founder, Chairman and Senior Engineer of Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd He was appointed as the deputy director of the National Fountain Waterscape Professional Committee and a senior expert of the expert group by the Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Branch of the Building Metal Structure Association of the Ministry of Construction. He is one of the drafters of the National Standards and Industry Specifications for Waterscape Fountains.

        The master planner and chief designer of the company's project, specializing in fountain water technology research, project planning and design for more than 30 years, created and designed thousands of waterscape projects. The production projects have won many awards, among which: Linan People's Square Music Fountain Project won the “Qianjiang Cup”; Shaoxing Citizen Square Fountain Project won the “Luban Award”; Taihu National Tourism Resort Large Music Fountain Project won the “Quality Engineering Award”, etc.

        Chairman and CEO:
        Zhou Shujian
        Founder of Water Show Culture Group, member of the Global Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce.

        Water Culture Group is based on the industry benchmarking company "West Lake Fountain" for nearly 30 years. And it was upgraded to a modern urban aesthetic service provider based on the strength of the team, supported by scientific and technological projects, and cultural creativity. The Group is professional, committed to quality, sincere service and loyal to commitment. We are full of relentless pursuit of urban art and a better life, only to present the most beautiful urban cultural business cards and satisfying customers.

        Zhou Yu

        Mr. Zhou the founder and chairman of Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd and he is also a senior engineer. He is hired as deputy director and expert of National Fountain Water Landscape Professional Committee by Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Committee which is the branch of Building Metal Construction Committee under National Construction Department. He is one of the drawer of National Fountain Water Landscape Rules and Industry Regulations.
        He is the general planner and designer in company, specializing in analysis of fountain technology and project’s plan and design. He creates and designs thousands of fountain projects, and many of them has won the prizes. For example, People's Square Musical Fountain in Linan won the Qiangjiang Prize. People’s Square Musical Fountain in Shaoxing won the Luban Prize. Taihu National Tourism Huge Musical Fountain Project won the High Quality Project Prize, etc.

        Zhou Shujian
        The founder of Hangzhou Water Show Culture Development Group Co,. Ltd. 
        Member of the Global Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce.
        “WSCG” is base on the near 30 years explorations of the bench making industry, Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd. And it is upgraded to be a provider of modern city aesthetics service on the base of strong team, advanced technology and the leading of culture innovation. Whole group focus on profession, base on high quality, honored of integrity and respect commitments. With a hope of modern city aesthetics and beautiful life, we will try our best to create a wonderful name card of one city and meet customer’s requirements.

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        +86 13857127700

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